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Current Observations For Alta, California

Local Weather Radio ♣ Today is Saturday, October 25, 2014
Summary / Temperature Wind Rain/Melted Snow Cloud Level
mostly cloudy, Stopped raining
Stopped raining with mostly cloudy skies
46.8°F Warmer 0.5°F than last hour.
Currently 46.8, Max: 59.0, Min: 45.1 Feels like:
Temp rate:
24-hrs ago:
24-hr diff:
-24.3°FColder 24.3°F than yesterday at this time.
Value Today Yesterday
High: 59.0°F
Low: 45.1°F
NWS High Low
Normal: 59.0°F 42.8°F
Record: 77.0°F 26.6°F
Year: 1976 1967
 Wind from NW NW
Gust: 1.0
0 Bft - Light Air
60-Min Avg: 0.3 mph
120-Min Avg: 0.8 mph
Max Gust: 10.0 mph 12:49am
Month: 15.0 mph
Oct 15
Today: 0.75 in
Rate (/hr): 0.02 in
Storm Rain: 0.75 in
Yesterday: 0.00 in
October: 1.74 in
Last 7 Days: 0.21 in
Rain Season: 3.13 in
Rain Days: 34 in 2014
4 rain days in October
Last Rain: 10/25/2014 12:56 PM
Barometer ( inHg) Humidity/Dew Point Moon
Barometer: 30.085 inHg Rising 0.01 °F/hr
1-Hr Trend: Steady
3-Hr Trend: Rising
High: 30.086  | Low:  29.945
Humidity: 96 %  
Humidex: 47.3°F
Dew Point: 45.7°F Increased 0.5°F since last hour.
Wetbulb: 46.3°F
Waxing Crescent
Waxing Crescent, Moon at 1 days in cycle
UV Forecast Solar Information
25 Oct 2014   Medium   3.8   
26 Oct 2014   Medium   3.6   
27 Oct 2014   Medium   4.1   
Solar Noon: 12:51PM
Total Sunlight Hrs: 10:48
Sunlight Change: -0:02 Min
Wind Chill Heating Degree Days Sun
Current: 46.8°F
Today: 43.8°F  at 11:25am
Yesterday: 42.5°F
Last Week: 38.1°F
Record: 14.0°F   08-Dec-2013
Today: 7.8
October: 179.3
2014 to Date: 1723.8
Cooling Degree Days
2014 to Date: 436.8
Daylight: Solar Image
Year High: 98.4°F
Almanac Snow Station All Time Records Fire Risk
Sunrise: 7:24am
Sunset: 6:12pm
Moonrise: 9:06am
Moonset: 6:51pm
Full Moon: 6 November 2014
New Moon: 12:33 UTC 22 November 2014
Easter: 20 April 2014
Today: 0.00 in
Yesterday: 0.00 in
October: 0.00 in
Season Total: 0.00 in
Snow Depth: 0.00 in
0 snow days in October
7 snow days in all 2010
Outside Now
Air Density: 1.256 kg/m
Day Time Records
    87.1 F on: Jun 08 2013   23.4F on: Dec 08 2013
Night Time Records
  75.4F on: Oct 09 2003 19.6F on: Dec 08 2013
ICN:3 ISS:Ok CON:4.8 RCP:98%
Chandler Burning Index
Chandler Burning Index: LOW
-2.0 at 1:35 PM

NOAA & the National Weather Service Live Active Weather Alerts
High Wind Warning High Wind Warning - West Slope Northern Sierra Nevada (California)
Click on link above to see details on the 1 NOAA advisory for zone CAZ069.

National Weather Service Forecast for: Alta, California

Detailed Alta Forecast              Local Doppler Radar              Alta, CA. Archives

Weather Station at Alta California:

The Live current conditions for Alta, California are taken from fine quality weather equipment made by Davis. The weather station updates our weather server every 2 seconds and is then uploaded to the Internet for our viewers to see. We keep it set to update this web page every 10 seconds.

Because Alta CA. accumulates quite a large amount of snow each winter, our rain bucket is equipped with a special heating element in order to melt the snow as soon as it collects into the rain bucket and turns it into measurable liquid. This give us accurate precipitable measurements no matter what form it takes, thus giving us accurate readings in near real time whether it's snow, sleet, hail or rain.

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